Episode 14: Nipping Shame In The Bud with Jennifer Berger

Do you remember the first time you thought there was something different about your body? Maybe it happened before you were even verbal. You noticed you were taller, or your fingers were longer, your hair was curlier. And, as a toddler, you were fascinated by this difference, certainly not having any judgement about it. And then, as a youth, even before you turned 10 years old, someone made a comment—a classmate, a parent, a friend— about your body, something that didn’t feel so great, and a pang of discomfort came, that soon to be familiar sense of shame about who you are and how you look. It was EARLY in life and it would set the foundation for many of those feelings to continue. But what if you were given the tools to nip that in the bud, to question, to understand, to feel proud. That’s what About-Face, a San Francisco based organization is doing and we spoke with the Executive Director, Jen Berger, about empowering kids to feel proud about themselves and their bodies, for the rest of their lives.