She Recovers
Los Angeles
2018 Revisited

It’s been just over one year since we all gathered in LA and to honor our time together and celebrate women in recovery (from Shame and all of the things) we’ve created this special page to listen to curated recordings from women who have visited our SHAMEBOOTH. These recordings have been gathered over the past two years and from all across the country (including but not limited to the LA event) and they continue to shed light on the shame we all carry and the power we have to let it go.

Scroll down, hit play and be inspired by these badass, brave women who took the time to share their stories in the booth.

Subscribe to SHAMEBOOTH, share these recordings, listen to the podcast (wherever you get your podcasts) and join us in ridding shame from our lives and getting proud.

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If you didn’t get a chance to step into the booth, or you weren’t feeling it just then, not to worry just give us a call at


and leave your message and your shame after the beep. – All messages are anonymous and may be aired on our podcast helping to rid the world of shame.

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